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Up Selling Call Center Outsourcing Services

Up-selling is an art of taking your customers to better and complementary products to which they have shown their interest. By upselling, you can make sure customer pick right product and they have everything they need to use the product. Well trained and knowledgeable agent can lead to boost in revenues by selling more products to the same customer and alongside customer experience as well getting help in finding the right product for their instant need. For example, you can tell the customer that " Did you notice that you can get the same product with some extra features for just $ 85 more?" Such cross- definition offers are usually made in an enjoyable tone and never forced on the customer. The up-selling service of call centers is only a way to inform the customer of better products and services.

Industries We Serve

We have a team of call center experts who have already been trained to persuade customers to upgrade to a better version of the service / product or to offer additional features and guarantees. Our team can help your company improve sales and generate better revenue through our up-selling services.

  • Banking & Financial

  • Defense

  • Aerospace

  • Consumer Goods & Services

  • Customs Brokerage

  • Education

  • Energy & Utilities

  • Healthcare

  • Logistics

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail and E-Commerce

  • Telecommunications

Advantages of Outsourcing Up-Selling Services to DKBP

We have gained enough experience to understand the exact requirements of the client and provide the services accordingly. Some of the reasons for you to choose us includes:

You have the advantage of eliminating your intermediate supply chain management by outsourcing upselling services.

Outsourcing helps you save on your resources and you can use them for other productive activities.

You are in their good books by providing services to your customers. Your customers will begin to trust you and buy more products and services.

DK Business Patron has a well- trained and dedicated team of professionals who are competent in sales.

DK Business Patron has the most modern infrastructure and technology. We also have a solid emergency backup to tide.

We comply with rigorous audit standards. We also ensure that our customer support managers comply with the call center metrics we follow.

We offer high quality offshore upselling services to our customers at very affordable prices.

We have access to the best infrastructure, including world- class office spaces, the latest technology and tools and uninterrupted network links.

What Makes Us Stand Out