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Telemarketing Service Provider in Delhi

Over 40% of the global BPO market holds by India. Out of the 10 BPO destinations in the world, five are in Asia, with India's dominant share ensuring that nearly 26% of South Asia's exports come from services. Business process outsourcing and short-term migration are the key segments. The BPO industry in India increases last year, to $6.3 billion, and is expected to clock 37% annual growth over the next five years. Many multinational companies have shown their growing confidence in Call Center Outsourcing and in India as an outsourcing hub, by signing multi-million-dollar, long-term BPO contracts with trusted Indian outsourcing service providers.

DK Business Patron offshore Telemarketing services include

• Telemarketing lead management

• Lead Generation Services

• Decision Maker Contacts

• Appointment Setting Services

• Database Selling Services

• Market Intelligence Services

• Product Promotion

• Research Surveys and Polling

• Customer Satisfaction

• Telephone and Web-Based Business Development

• Up Sell Campaigns

• Direct Mail Follow-up Services

• Seminar Population

Why outsource telemarketing services to DK Business Patron?

Extensive experience: We have been providing telemarketing services for various industries, such as telecom, information technology, government agencies, and debt reduction organizations amongst others. Outsource telemarketing services to DK Business Patron and benefit from technology-driven services, professional telemarketing team, digital recording, stringent quality control processes, and customized productivity reports.

Professional workforce: Our expertise offshore telemarketing team can handle any call. Each of our telemarketing call center executives are well-trained in sales and answer calls efficiently, proficiently and professionally. We provide best of the best services at a cost-effective price. Outsource telemarketing services to DK Business Patron and experience an increase in sales.

Domain expertise: Our competent approach can effectively increase your sales. We have the knowledge, expertise, and skills to provide world-class outbound telemarketing services. Outsource outbound telemarketing services to DK Business Patron and get access to professional services at a competitive price.

Contact us for Outsource Telemarketing Services and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.