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Chat & Email Solutions For Businesses across the Globe

Moving with the pace of time, at DK Business Patron we have introduced separate service lines for those processes which receive a heavy traffic influx and require human intervention essentially to address the same. While managing our other service lines, we came across an interesting insight that for every customer our support executives respond to via telephone, at least 10 customers are lost out. This is quite a grave loss and in course of time, might accumulate to impact seriously in terms of  revenue generation. It was at this point of time that our analytics wing was engrossed in deep research and innovation and after a lot of efforts and constant improvisations, DK Business Patron is proud to announce its unique and latest service line, Email and Chat Support.


Chat & Email Support  – How it Works

DK Business Patron has developed its own software and management systems for leveraging technology to our benefit and any brand opting for this service need not invest in anything else.

  • We have our training systems and incubation cubical exclusively for training and developing resources to excel at this service line.
  • Process oriented training is also provided by our in house team and after deep and detailed assessment and quality assurance are they cleared to handle real time problems from actual consumers.
  • Our intrinsic involvement in developing this process as a standalone service line has resulted in a lot of trial and tribulations for testing the process for feasibility and apparent loopholes, if any.
  • Email and chat based solutions are the perfect answer to those support processes where the need to identify a human being at the end of the support line is negligible.
  • Under such circumstances, the turnaround or response time to every customer complaint is also more relaxed than tele support processes. As a result the resolution provided is inclined more often than not to be on the right side of completely resolved.


Chat & Email Support Solutions - Why Choose Us

  • The client`s intervention in real time operations is minimal in requirement on a daily basis once the process is set and its parameters and working metrics are ascribed.
  • Performance metrics are devised according to client`s instructions for deliverables and a hierarchy of professionals is established in order to ensure that every team member is driven to achieve their target results, thereby contributing to achieving the client`s end objectives.
  • Once the process is laid down, the process specifics are religiously communicated to every new joinee on the team and through the established hierarchy, it is ensured that every team member is motivated and driven to their personal goals in their designated roles while adhering to process rules and regulations.
  • Any instance of deviation from prescribed is easily identified, isolated and modified before being inducted back into the system.

Overall the email and chat support is the future of support processes and the specifics and framework of architecture to support a successful support system is DK Business Patron`s supreme asset. With DK Business Patron your business is in safe hands.