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Order Taking

Order Management Services

Supply chain management is the oldest form of traditional trade, supplying goods to match demands and thereby make a profit on it. The process has evolved over the period of time to make it compatible for more complex deliverables and to make it a systematic flow of work. Hence the birth of a supply chain and with the growing number of variables in the equation, the need for management and order also arises.As the demand of goods changes from tangible to intangible, the channels for distribution also expand and increase. With the advent of digital, consumer can now choose and select their choice of delivery channels as well as the payment gateway. Global supply chains are a very complex process, especially with the increase in options available, thereby making each phase of the order processing accountable directly to the end consumer. 

Identifying Business Capabilities & Servicing Them as a Complete Business Function

Efficient order management when rendered under the same roof as core operations requires dedicated personnel, monitoring and documentation in addition to processing the action required for fulfilling the same. When capabilities are segregated as priorities under the same roof, it often challenges the core operations and affects production process thereby hampering workflow. Order Management is a separate capability that needs to be serviced from a separate work space that is not subsidiary or shared with any other process.

Under such circumstances it is possible to breakdown the deliverables into small measurable inputs, thereby orchestrating the flow of work and mapping the process with key performance indicators or performance metrics for ensuring customer satisfaction, reduced occurrence of errors, generation of actionable insights, and educated decision-making.


DK Business Patron – Your Trusted Partner for Order Management Outsourcing

DK Business Patron is among the leading Outsourcing Partners for supply chain management majors based out of USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and has vast prior experience in order management and order processing. Our end-to-end order management outsourcing services has been the turning point for many success stories that we have scripted in collaboration with our partners and clients. DK Business Patron enables offshore businesses to efficiently manage their existing business and focus on growing core capabilities while we duly support them in building the brand as a trustworthy name in order management services, processing orders, and thereby eventually contributing to greater sales and revenue. We bring value to the table for our partners

  • Value Added Consultation
  • End To End Customized Service
  • Scalable and Timely Business Model
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Latest Technology & Trained Subject Matter Experts
  • Quality & Compliance