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Live Chat - For Sale, Support, Service

Live Chat

Capitalizing on its research and analysis team and the results of their findings, DK Business Patron has devised a custom made software for supporting live chat software that can be hosted on any client server and used exclusively on behalf of the end client.

The business leadership at the helm of affairs at DK Business Patron are acute visionaries with a very good understanding of the evolution of business processes. Hence, even while voice processes were undergoing makeovers and changes to modulate the service line and make it more efficient and cost effective, DK Business Patron was already engaged in employing its research team to develop a product for the future that eliminates the drawbacks of the voice based processes.

After severe trials and testing for user experience and performance, the live chat software was finally taken out of its incubation space and presented as a service line demonstration to clients and to generate new interest. Since then it has found many new takers, who have opted for chat support for their brand by direct purchase, lease or as a service line.

DK Business Patron is continuously committed to the task of improving service lines and evolving our products by striving for excellence through constant innovation. The chat software provides a dedicated bot that represents the space and initiates interaction sessions with customers. That chat window also allows provision to initiate remote access to customer’s computer device as well as start a voice and video call. It is also equipped with latest emoticons as well as options to customize the chat window with user's preference of colours and thematic designs.