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What is B2B Telemarketing?

B2B telemarketing is an area of work wherein a provider tries to convert opportunity to interest, interest to lead and finally convert the lead to customers or business. This is a service specialty that requires trained soft skills for relationship building and the virtue of perseverance which is an extremely important asset in this area of work.

DK Business Patron has rich prior experience in developing business processes for B2B leads by establishing successful B2B Telemarketing operation systems. B2B Telemarketing is a demanding area of work more inclined towards sales and lead generation assistance. DK Patron has a rich history of establishing numerous B2B Telemarketing for different clients belonging to diverse industries from the geographies of UK USA and Canada. Our prior success empowers us to convince our prospective partners of our expertise and prowess in developing quality cost centers of supreme profit. DK Patron assures the following benefits for its partners:

  • Top-notch training for B2B Telemarketing
  • Leading edge technology in action
  • Effective and Result Oriented call scripts


Why Us

At DK Business Patron, we believe in patronizing and encouraging positive values and constructive thinking. Our motto is striving for continuous excellence through innovation. DK Business Patron offers phenomenal outbound call center services at par with an  exponential rise in the sales graph and that should be indication enough of our capabilities. Among the various methods one can use B2B Marketing to their advantage; DK Business Patron has listed a few conducive opportunities in various sectors:

  • Customer Support - Sort out Customer complaints and queries.
  • Debt Collection - Identify defaulters who owe money with their current contact details and send reminders and start the recoveryprocess.
  • Launching Products - Survey by phone of potential list of customers beforehand
  • Market Research - Customer feedback and product review. Collecting a full range of qualitative and quantitative data
  • Soft Lead Generation - Determining if the prospect shows any future promises of doing business with client company or not.  Creating list of relevant profiling questions for finalizing leads. More successful than an overt sales approach.
  • Seminar Reminder - Organisational Assistance
  • Data Cleaning - A mandate legal requirement in many sectors in USA, so you can easily keep your business compliant with industry regulations.
  • Assisting Retailers - CRM