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Technical Support

DK Business Patron - A Trusted Name in Technical Solutions

With trusted and proven solutions & practices and armed with more than 20 years of experience in supporting multinational giants and corporates across North America, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand, DK Business Patron is the pioneer of remote PC diagnostic solutions and at owning the technical support process from start to finish across all tiers of troubleshooting and resolution. Our bandwidth and knowledge base allows our expert trained agents to tackle everything under the sun starting from simple tech questions to detained specialized product knowledge, in the same stride.

Our clients include three of the world's leading PC makers and three of the world's leading telecommunications companies. Today our professional relationship has emerged to partnership with our past clients as we leverage our expertise as a trusted technical resource.


DK Business Patron - What Makes Us the Best Choice in Technical Support Solutions

So what is it that makes DK Business Patron the chosen outsourcing partner for companies in UK, USA & Canada? What is it that makes us stand apart amongst competition? Why should any business owner reading this contemplate on choosing our organisation for outsourcing their business portions? The answer lies in our merit and intent to deliver, always to exceed commitments.  Below listed are capabilities that are our major strengths in determining the quality of our deliveries, that we pride ourselves on.

  • Limitless Technology
  • Clearly Defined KPI/Metrics
  • Multilingual Agents with command over 20+ International Languages
  • Multi-Channel Support
  • Certifications
  • Diverse Skillset Expertise
  • 24/7/365 Outsourced Customer Support
  • Real Time Solutions
  • Flexible & Scalable Plans
  • Dedicated & Shared Business Models