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DK Business Patron - A Trusted Name in Technical Solutions

If you are the owner of a business manufacturing a product or offering a service that is enormously popular among its customers and the target market sector too, in order to make the brand grow and flourish, it is imperative to invest a substantial portion of earnings in establishing an after sales channel or outlet for existing customers in order to retain their loyalty. This also goes on to serve as a powerful redressal system for communicating directly with end consumers. Additionally it is also sowing the foundation for a publicity campaign, as with the growing consumer base, the service help desk will also supplement word of mouth publicity in favour of the brand while rendering their roles to perfection.

Why Outsource Your Service Help Desk?

The Service Helpdesk is not just an appendage to the core operations of any consumer service or product but also acts as a vital functional area of any business operation as it can go onto become very powerful tool in the arsenal of any business owner.

As established earlier, the Service help Desk holds massive potential to become a powerful weapon for the future scheme of things in any company and hence needs dedicated attention, time and space like any independent business capability. If the manufacturing team has to shift their focus from their core expertise and monitor the progress of the service help desk, priorities are mismatched and the company suffers as a whole as the main area of expertise is neglected.

Moreover the same work space should not house two driving factors of any work process under the same roof as it draws attention and focus away from the main priority. Hence the best way for allowing both to grow and flourish as independent capabilities, is to segregate work spaces and performance metrics for both.  Hence outsourcing the complete capability to an off shore partner not only allows the core team to focus on their actual area of expertise but also curtails fixed investment costs largely by eliminating overheads and maintenance costs.


DK Business Patron - What Makes Us the Best Choice as Service Help Desk Outsourcing Partners

DK Business Patron has acquired the prestigious title of Business Patron by being a veteran of many successfully established businesses in the past. Our prior associations with many major brands from diverse sectors from North America, Europe and Australia has provided valuable experience and much needed subject matter expertise required for mapping the workflow in a fixed process. At DK Business Patron we reserve rights to various business process templates for documenting the work flow of service help desks as a measurable system. They can be further streamlined and organized to customize to industry specific needs and requirements and interspersed with performance metrics and indicators of success and quality in order to make the complete system scalable and quantifiable.


Key Performance Indicators for Service Help Desk Outsourcing

  • Ticket Volume
  • Completion of Tickets
  • Response Time
  • First Contact Resolution
  • Backlog
  • Predicted Backlog
  • Agent Satisfaction
  • Ticket Distribution


When the above performance metrics are satisfied by trained and expert agents who have complete process knowledge while delivering their output to satisfaction, it not only affects over resolution time span but also goes on to improve quality of service as a whole incrementally. This makes the service help desk an asset to the company as it not only provides access to a real time consumer data base but also acts a powerful medium of communication directly with end consumer.