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Hard Core Sales

Let’s say, as a business proprietor of a manufacturing company or founding owner of a service providing brand, you decide to take on the challenge of maximizing your sales personally instead of relying eternally on marketing sleuths internally. Let’s assume that allows you to cut costs on hiring top level marketing intelligence and at the same time your presence drives the process with added force. You invest considerably in purchasing Salesforce, HubSpot, and other sales and marketing tools, self-tutor yourself on the use and application and hire a small group of sales and marketing professionals to execute decisions on ground. Now what?

The integral elements of a successful sales and marketing engine is more often than not always invisible on the surface. The main supporting pillars driving a successful sales engine to peak performance are the operating process and uncompromised quality of deliverables at every stage of the process.

Completing certifications for your CRM is definitely crucial for business growth, of course but no business actually grows without progressing in sales. Without understanding the exact time, place and sequence of application sales tools to engage in a systematic way, an organizations growth program will only be hampered as targets will always fall short. Without developing a consistent and scalable sales processes that is effective, relationship driven business will only dilute a company’s ability to grow.


Efficiencies Created Through Outsourced Sales

The truth of the matter is, one person can’t do it all. It’s better to focus on one’s strengths in a few areas than to try and cover everything and dry your resources out thin. By outsourcing all or a portion of your sales programs, the core team can continue to work on their main strengths and focus on key competency areas while DK Business Patron ensures your sales figures go flying through the roof.

  • Bigger & Diverse Talent Pool.
  • Acquisition of Specialized Skill Sets For Quicker Real-time Turnaround.
  • Access to latest technology and modern advanced infrastructure.
  • Increased Buyer Involvement and Interaction in the Sales Process.

Ideally suited for tech companies and start-ups revolving around service or manufacturing as outsourcing sales processes allows the core faculty to retain their attention on their main competency and improving production qualities while the sales force can be driven in full strength from a separate workspace altogether. For complex products, especially when they are intangible, like software, data infrastructure and healthcare management systems, decisions are materialized over a period of time and insisting in quick decisions might result in the loss of a done deal.

Outsourcing sales processes for complex products allows all the stress and tension associated with hard core sales processes to be restricted to a separate workspace so that creativity is unhindered. DK Business Patron's sales teams are trained to deal with the time involved in driving a prospect through the sales funnel.


Multi-Channel Support For Hard Core Sales Process:

  • Calling
  • Chat
  • Social Media Sales Process
  • Email & Newsletters
  • Omnisale Channels