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Feedback as an Integral Business Function

An open process or cycle becomes a self-sustaining and ongoing process when it is connected to an element of feedback. In a recognized system where there is an entry point for input and a collection point for output, the process remains open ended and the involved elements are not bound by any connect to each other. They work independently of each other. However when you introduce the element of feedback in the system, it closes the system and makes it an ongoing loop and now all the elements in the system are related on each other, as expected in a desirable working system.

Things work exactly to the same effect in a communication system. When there is an input element and an output element and the same is communicated to all and sundry, it is the introduction of the feedback element that binds all the elements in the system together. When the feedback element is allowed to operate in independent space and performance, it contributes towards improving the quality of the overall system.


Outsourcing Feedback

Outsourcing Research and Analysis to an off shore partner allows the business leadership to remain focussed on core operations, while the outsourcing partner conducts feedback as a separate business function altogether. After conducting thorough research and analysis to reveal consumer insights, they are treated in comparative frame of reference with feedback received from authorized channels. Based on the available information, an analysis for its subsequent interpretation is made, with regards to the level of impact it can have on mainstream operations. When the impact level is high, it is brought to the notice of concerned authorities through designated channels for routing feedback. At DK Business Patron, every process gets treated like a separate business capability with its own performance metrics and is given the freedom and liberty to grow and develop individually.