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Are you a business proprietor based out of North America, Canada, UK or Australia? Do you have a new product or service that you are sure will be loved by the consumers from your choice of territory but due to budget restrictions you are at a loss to make your product or service reach the consumer attention. Conventional advertising is a good way for publicity to large consumer outreach but then very expensive and door to door marketing is the cheapest way of reaching out to consumers directly with returns on the go, but then extremely time consuming and with a limited consumer outreach in a given area. DK Business Patron has earned the prestigious title of Business Patron because of its inherent ability to provide sustainable solutions for every problem and grow a business operation out of it. Hence it comes as no surprise that we have a solution for this particular problem as well. Presenting, DK Business Patron’s exclusive service offering, Telemarketing Consultancy.

Telemarketing is a tried and tested concept for reaching out to a large batch of people over a   large distribution of area in a considerably small amount of time without spending a fortune. But setting up a telemarketing operation is a plunge in the dark if one does not have prior experience in that field. Hence DK Business Patron provides the services of an exclusive Telemarketing Consultant, a professional expert with access to data, industry specific information and prior experience of establishing many successful telemarketing processes for overseas brands.

Our Telemarketing Consultancy plan for overseas businesses based out of US, Canada, UK & Australia are broadly designed to cover the following areas:

  • Identification of Business Objectives and Setting Expectations on the Record
  • Custom Lead Generation Plan
  • Market Research
  • Designing Training Module
  • Preparation of Unique Call Script
  • Separate Follow-up schedule


Why Us?

DK Business Patron's complete end to end Telemarketing Consultancy services are designed to cater specifically to each and every business segment individually with undivided attention and create tailor made solutions for every brand in order to serve their cause to the best. Reach out to us for a very quote on your business proposition from one of our Telemarketing Consultants.