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B2B Appointment

B2B Appointment Scheduling: What is it?

If you are the founding owner of a business concern or the business leadership of a firm, it is but obvious that you need to focus on your core competency areas in order to grow as an organisation. However a business also grows by capitalizing on upcoming opportunities and new leads. And that process of generating new business leads has to happen simultaneously with the core production process without neglecting any aspect of core focus area. Under such circumstances it cannot be expected for the leadership to be distracted from their main priorities and indulge in following up on the status of prospective leads. Scheduling a following up on generated leads and tabulating them according to their status can be treated as a separate area of work altogether and it can be outsourced to a skilled expert with proven success in the profession.

How will it benefit you?

Hence, introducing the stalwart presence of DK Business Patron, a seasoned veteran of spotting nascent business opportunities and establishing successful business ventures for overseas clients and concerns based out of UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Our main focus is relieving business leadership of all added responsibilities so that they can continue to focus on their main strengths while we collaborate as an Outsourcing Partner to strengthen your reserve of prospective business leads. Once the leads are matured in their interest levels, they can be curated and served on a platter for the leadership and management to act on them and materialize them accordingly.

For a business dedicated to generating new leads via various channels and transitioning them to a designated point of contact for further conversion in the hope of sales, appointment set up is a very basic yet integral function in the working system of things. Setting up appointments is usually viewed as a mechanical operation with very little scope to improvise or make decisions. Hence outsourcing that area of work as separate business capability to an offshore partner, not only allows that area to be serviced with devoted attention and care but also facilitates improved performance thereby making provision for growth.


Why Us?

At DK Business Patron, a seasoned veteran of establishing many successful partnerships and profitable ventures, we understand the need of the hour and customize our service template to suit the requirement accurately. B2B appointment scheduling might appear to be a non critical work area, but DK Business Patron has the capability to grow it a separate function and grow it for delivering better and improved quality by introducing performance metrics.

  • Our appointment scheduling services guarantee the best cost per lead prices with a considerably high chance of leads being converted to sales.
  • While being cost effective, DK Business Patron's B2B appointment setting services are also focussed on enhancing performance and making the process extremely efficient by introducing performance metrics to maintain excellent quality.
  • The appointments are screened by staging a verification filter through a human agent and only after matching stringent quality assurance criteria, they are forwarded to the concerned source as valid business entry points.
  • Our customized appointment setting services are not limited to any specific industry and by virtue of our prior success we can customize the process depending on the nature of the business.