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Settlement Centre

Settlement Centre

A Settlement Center, for those in doubt or maybe familiar to a different verbatim to address the same, is a workplace dedicated to salvaging loans from credit defaulters in a bid to bring the process to a closure. Settlement centers may deal with settlements of various kinds starting from negotiations with defaulters and debtors to reminders for paying pending instalments. Settlement Centers may also be involved in processing claims and mapping them with the right returns due to the recipient. Usually a settlement center refers to a third party agency that is involved in recovery or clearing dues.

What Makes DK Business Patron A Superior Choice?

DK Business Patron has understands the finer nuances involved in the business of developing a  settlement center as we have done in the past exclusively for our wide array of clients from different geographical backgrounds. Settlement Centers can be evolved and customized depending on the specific industry for which it is required.

With over two decades in the business of servicing outsourced work processes from clients in North America, Europe and Canada, we have duly earned the prestigious title of Business Patron through sheer hard work, dedication and merit.

At DK Business Patron, we reserve exclusive business intelligence and insights from our past endeavours and with the help of the same supporting knowledge and information, it is very suitable to develop and grow a cost center tailor made for every individual brand respectively. Our rich and bountiful chest of experience and relevant expertise will lay the final touch to establishing a distinct settlement center process for any interested brand to suit their requirement to every minute detail.


Why Choose Us?

At DK Business Patron we understand our clients and we do not hold back in confiding that we have exactly what it takes for fulfilling every business vision without compromising on the passion for achieving success! Apart from the usual benefits involving cost cutting and creation of a new cost center for the main deliverable, the additional process oriented benefits that we commit to, at the very start of any new relationship in order to bolster the confidence of our clients are listed below:

  • Complete Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Round the Clock, Throughout the Year, Helpdesk Support
  • Initiate & Blend Collection Process w/ Recovery
  • No Unfair Practises
  • Total Brand Recall Value