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Support Solutions or Outsourcing partners are available aplenty but what is it that makes your choice of support partner ideal for long term business stability and continuity without compromising on quality or profits?  As far as Inbound processes are concerned, handling customer facing operations are a very tricky area especially when the operations are outsourced to a location different from original territory of service. The highlighting feature of our business portfolio is an invaluable industrial experience amassed from years of experience and combined intelligence of various experts working together to consistently extract the best output from resources available and delivering to complete satisfaction.

Our vast relevant experience spanning over a wide list of industries covered for the regions of UK, USA, Canada and Australia for Inbound Sales processes enables us to make prior commitment to deliver nothing but the best calling resolutions during customer support interactions. Our trained agents are always programmed to strive for maximum efficiency in terms of customer satisfaction levels, thereby applying their inherent soft skills to deliver swift resolutions and maintain the balance between AHT (average handle time) and FCR (first call resolution).

Whether it be showcasing a certain product or service to new set of prospective consumers  or whether it is providing process related support information on a call to actual consumers, DK Business Patron has a successful history of establishing off shore Inbound Call Centers for many a successful client from USA, UK, Canada and Australia.


Why Us

Our prior success in establishing Inbound processes for a variety of industries from the regions of UK, USA and Canada provides us good stead in undertaking such projects in the future and delivering them to perfection. In return for their fixed investment for running costs, our partners shall be incumbent to manifold benefits including creation of a unique working structure for their business process that is customized to every minute detail in favour of client's business objective.

Commitment to Guaranteed Deliverables

  • 100% Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction
  • High FCR Rate
  • Uplifted Customer Experience
  • 365/ 24 * 7 Support