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What is B2B Sales?

B2B Sales is a telemarketing industry jargon indicating customer ended operations as the core business proposition. B2B Sales involves high call volumes which might be inbound or outbound or a mix and match of both processes. The expected return from such an exercise is high sales volume and other secondary returns. Under such circumstances, when pitching to the end user directly, the need for creating a positive interaction consistently woven with the confidence to present the product is a business requirement, an art which DK Business Patron has perfected through years of pursuit and perseverance for excellence and success.

At DK Business Patron, we use the incentive of our prior exposure and experience to weigh in sales processes to make every little action count in favour of the business and thereby improve the sale per call ratio.

DK Business Patron Secures Better Results While Handling B2B Sales

B2B Sales is a really demanding area of sales oriented calling operations. DK Patron has a rich history of establishing numerous B2B Telemarketing processes for different clients belonging to diverse industries from the geographies of UK USA and Canada. Our prior success empowers us to convince our prospective partners of our expertise and prowess in developing quality cost centers of supreme profit. DK Patron assures the following benefits for its partners:

  • Top-notch training for B2B Sales
  • Leading edge technology in action
  • Effective and Result Oriented call scripts

DK Patron has been in the business of handling Sales Telemarketing call center operations for our wide array of clients since more than a decade. With more than a decade of operational experience and two decades of combined workforce experience in outbound call center service, DK Patron believes in allowing the results to speak for themselves.

  • Improved Sales Growth
  • Incremental Rates of Sales Conversion
  • Expert Outbound Sales Experts


Why Us?

At DK Business Patron, we believe in patronizing and encouraging positive values and constructive thinking. Our motto is striving for continuous excellence through innovation. DK Business Patron offers phenomenal outbound call center services at par with an  exponential rise in the sales graph and that should be indication enough of our capabilities.