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The global business community is very well acquainted with the terminology and concept of business process outsourcing which basically involves relocating cost centers in order to maximize profit of delivery centers in their markets of territory.  Business process outsourcing basically involves relocating areas of business support that do not required specialized skill set to render, to locations where they can executed at a cheaper cost without compromising on quality.

The entire flow of work is prompted and laid down in a script for team members to religious follow. And while business process outsourcing was the need of the hour at one point of time, the present time demands evolved concepts that support dynamic business concepts as well which cannot be serviced by prompting and premeditating navigation cycle of the consumer. In order to avoid saturation in consumer demand, it is imperative that a business model be designed which can accommodate cost center relocation for all business and enterprise models.

At DK Business Patron we have business intelligence in our very constitution and in order to be prepared for the future, we have envisioned the future and its needs. Our research wing has immersed themselves in detail data driven insights to analyse the future of business outsourcing and after much debate and discussion and several prototypes, we have arrived at the business model for the future, knowledge process outsourcing. Knowledge Process Outsourcing or KPO involves shifting, moving or displacing work processes which require specialized skill sets to service, to a different location where it can be rendered for a cheaper cost.

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Welcome to the concept of KPO as adapted by the house of DK Business Patron. The trend for business process outsourcing has been relocation of areas that are not critical to the core competency of the main business workflow layout and are mostly support functions that prevent saturation of consumer demand. These support functions do not require any special skill set or highly trained competency and can be rendered effectively without any perceivable obstacle. However this leaves out a major chunk of businesses who cannot strive to seek outsourcing as a means of cost cutting, due to the want of skilled competencies and lack of detailed in - depth process specific knowledge. 

Although BPO processes hosting customer support or technical troubleshooting invariably do have an indirect role to play in the company's value chain, the intensity of dependency for servicing jobs requiring excellence at particular skillsets, such as advanced analytical and research skills as well as a high degree of specialist expertise, is extremely high in relation to impacting the company's core competency and value chain in the market. Hence KPOs are a very sensitive and extremely confidential work process which requires segregation in workspace and a quiet area fostering subject matter creativity and intelligence.

Why Partner with us for your KPO Solutions?

The visionaries and leaders at DK Business Patron understand the delicate and fragile nature of this area of work. Convincing an organisation to outsource the most critical segment of their work process can be a challenge, especially if the new center is not a location where people have natural affinity for the language of commune in the process. Work processes which require specialized knowledge and subject matter expertise as well as demand in additional value creation can be difficult to outsource while satisfying cost reduction and no dearth of skilled labour.

For business enterprises running out of Europe & USA, Eastern Europe could be a feasible option as they are a cheaper economy but recruitment drive may fall flat on the face as these regions are not reputed for depth in educated masses. The best choice from what remains is India as it not only has the acumen but also the impetus for meeting challenges.

DK Business Patron has access to subject matter experts as well as ample support from its inter organizational network system to adequately undertake such a challenge and deliver it to satisfaction. India's knowledge reserve has already found recognition among work forces in different leading countries, so finding the right people is never a challenge that cannot be satisfied. India is a cheaper economy than Europe, USA, or Canada for that matter and hence these highly skilled resources and experts can be acquired and retained at a working cost which is much lesser than the aforementioned locations.

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