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Senior & Mid-Level Staffing Services

At DK Business Patron, we recognize each industry has its own particular nuances in every area of work such as management policies, hiring practices and compensation norms. All these practices are governed by the ruling ideology and work ethic of the parent body irrespective of which industry they belong to. As a prestigious and well established business house of repute and substantial goodwill and partnerships to its credit, DK Business Patron is governed by the ruling ideology of striving for excellence through continuous innovation which is effectively administered in every area and segment of work. 

Hence it positions us at a very level ground for gauging our client's staffing and sourcing requirements and matching them with the best set of profiles to assume the respective positions.

This is our striking feature when it comes to Senior and Middle-Level Staffing Services that we offer our future partners and prospective clients as the human element of the desired candidate cannot be ignored along with their skillets. DK Business Patron has been helping different companies in different industry verticals fulfil their requirements in the demographies of USA, UK, Europe, Canada and Australia. We undertake responsibilities for headhunting the best match of senior and mid-level leadership on behalf of our clients ranging from directors, general managers, to other Senior and Middle level positions.


Below are the some of the expert executive staffing services we provide to our clients:

  • Senior and Middle-Level Staffing Search:  Systematic approach to identify and streamline qualified Senior and Middle-Level executives or professionals.
  • Turnkey Recruitment:  Addresses the needs in middle and senior management levels, best suited for start-ups, new project planning, plant expansion, and scaling up or geographical expansion of teams.
  • Specialized Search Services:  Specialized services for clients looking for prospective senior and mid-level candidates from particular industrial sectors only. We provide matching talent according to the job specification.


Why Us?

  • Huge Savings on cost of hiring and training new resources
  • Allows client and partners to retain complete focus and concentration on developing core competency
  • Get access to the best skilled professionals in the industry and see a marked change in your productivity
  • Scale up staff as and when required through your hiring partners’ ready talent pool
  • Get access to resources for short-term projects or for specific projects only
  • Save on the cost of investing in owning and maintaining expensive infrastructure