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Once your company website or brand mobile application is ready for launch, the brand needs to communicate its presence to consumers in order to avail their attention and subsequently action, leading to consumption. If we allow the developed mobile application to just sit by itself on the wide sphere of apps in the various online application directories, it will draw sparse traction and pursuing such an approach is defying the entire purpose of creating a mobile application.

For a brand to be successful, it needs to shout out its presence, highlighting its features and main service benefits in order to draw the attention of the prospective user. Hence the need for a systematic approach to create awareness and draw attention to the concerned brand’s service or product and reach it out to the consumer's line of vision. 

This systematic and consistent attempt to create noise around a particular brand with a view to direct users to its mobile application, by virtue of various popular and niche digital media platforms is known as Digital Marketing. An industry proverb quite effectively captures the need for marketing. It goes, a businessman who saves money on advertising to cut costs is like the man who stops his watch to save time. Digital Marketing is critical to your brands success in the same way. It is an ongoing process of creating lasting impressions of the brand’s presence and service lines in different media outlets where the brand's target audiences are present and thronging. Hence digital marketing can be compared to process of continuously watering fruit bearing plants even after they have borne fruit, because it is only after proper nurturing and caretaking does the effort and labour result in the tree bearing fruit.

So in order for a business to be successful and generate profitable revenue, digital marketing is an exercise that has to be run simultaneously to the main operations, in order for it to consistently bear rich dividends and fruit.

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