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Pan India calling provider

A 10 Digit mobile number from any location pan India with any operator or circle can be used as a virtual number for incoming call management purpose. This call is programmatically managed, forwarded, recorded and answered in a pre-defined manner. This service is being used for incoming calls management. Call quality can also be heard any time, and can also be improved as per requirement. This virtual calling number is also having a feature of auto acknowledged SMS, at the end of the call.

Virtual number proves to be beneficial for the business people. With the help of such a number, the small companies can increase their sales. These numbers are those phone numbers, that are routed to an existing phone line, or to a voicemail. Moreover, with the help of virtual numbers, the companies can stay in contact with their clients 24 X 7 and can also provide the appropriate information to the callers at any time of the day. The service also provides complete safety and security to the users. One of the most important features of the virtual number is that the calls can be forwarded to any other phone number as per the user’s choice. Thus the calls, coming to the virtual number can be forwarded as per the user’s wishes including the mobile phone, home phone, VoIP phone, even international numbers, etc. You can also trace the incoming number as most of the virtual number systems come with ANI (Automatic Number Identification) technology.