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Order Taking Call Center Outsourcing Services

Customers are used to ordering a product or service from a convenience location versus going to the store all the way, as in earlier days. In addition to fulfilling this requirement, your company may also have to prepare for a large number of orders, as your offer gains popularity or during specific periods of the year. Providing a customizable call center service for your customers and increasing business revenue becomes imperative.

DKBP provides live order processing and order entry services through our multi- channel contact center with an exceptional customer care focus. Our outsourcing team ensures that all orders are accurately processed and that every person has a positive experience. We can also enter the order for instant processing in the CRM system.

How DKBP Increase Your Customer Service Quotient with Helpdesk and Technical Support Services

Have answers to queries: Customers can have questions about their product or service, policies and other information before placing an order. We solves these problems and manages customers by selling.

Taking the order round- the- clock: Customers often place orders at a convenient time, such as after their working hours. We offers 24/7 live outsourcing operations in order to place your order for your product or service at any time of the day, regardless of the time zone.

Order Entry: After the order has been placed, we can enter it immediately into the CRM system to ensure that the order processing and delivery are not delayed and the customer receives the product or service on schedule.

Post-Sale Support: Your customer could still seek support from your brand after purchasing your product or service, such as return processing and technical support or help desk. We can manage all post- sale support services for your company in order to maximize customer satisfaction.

Order from a preferred channel: In addition to placing an order on the phone, customers are also looking forward to purchasing products or services via digital media, such as e- mail, live chat, website or mobile apps or text messages. DKBP is well equipped to place these orders on any voice or non- voice channel for your business.

Build Brand Loyalty by Partnering With DKBP

Our Call Center experts are well trained to authentically represent your brand. Our Call Center experts are well trained to authentically represent your brand. We also help with sales through the use of cross- selling or up- selling techniques when necessary. All this will help increase customer satisfaction for your brand and thus build brand loyalty.

What Makes Us Stand Out