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Live Chat Support Call Center Outsourcing Services

Live chat support proves to be an easy, useful and reliable way to market new products and services and provide customer service in a timely manner. DKBP, a global IT- BPO has more than 16 years ' experience in providing companies worldwide with high- quality contact centers and customer service support. We offer efficient live chat support services online, which will surely increase your customer satisfaction.

We offer a wide range of live chat support services for various business functions. Through our services, companies can make use of various means of communication, including live chat support, to keep in constant contact with customers, including:

Why Choose DKBP for Live Chat Support Services

Some irrefutable reasons for outsourcing live chat support services to us are as follows:

We have 15 years of experience in providing unrivaled customer service and support to different organizations around the world.

Live chat service and technical support enable companies to concentrate on their core business tasks and functions. You can use the expertise, know- how and support that we offer to increase your customer support.

We offer personalized and reasonable packages depending on the number of service providers you may require( Pay per hour, Pay per chat, Pay per month). You can reduce costs by 45 to 50% by outsourcing live chat requirements for us.
The use of outsourced live chat support services results in an increase in the number of visitors, leading to an increase in prospects.

Leads to enhanced customer service and customer experience.

We take care of the entire live chat experience process, starting with the installation of the chat software, upgrades and maintenance of online chat support to select and train appropriate dedicated and qualified staff.
We commit to the highest data security and confidentiality standards: all our chat systems are secure and based on SSL.

We offer support for multiple languages. Our systems can support multiple conversations. We use the latest industry chat software and customize the software according to your requirements.

Our experienced and talented customer service staff not only assists customers in their queries, but also sells and upgrades products and services where necessary.

We provide live technical and non- technical support for customers from different industries, such as retail, software, broadcasting, real estate, healthcare, food and beverage, education, web design, etc.

What Makes Us Stand Out