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International Call center services Provider in India

This portal is the confluence point for service providers of Call centers in India, for those seeking their services and also those who seek a career in this burgeoning industry. On this portal, you can network with various enterprises across India who offer Call center services and get the best deal. For an enterprise based in USA, UK or Australia, outsourcing to India straightaway slashes your costs by half and gives you optimum quality service. India has become so synonymous with outsourcing that now India also features in the political discourse of USA politicians. However, it must be underlined that there is neither selective globalization nor selective protectionism!

India has been one of the first nations to step into the call center outsourcing industry. Global organizations have already outsourced call centers to India and have found India to be an ideal outsourcing provider. Today, some of the world's global giants have a base in India, from where they provide customer support services to their worldwide customers. These successful call center outsourcing ventures have encouraged more and more global organizations to outsource call center services to India to give their organization a competitive advantage.