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The real estate industry is a demanding sector especially in the consumer real estate area. As a real estate professional or organisation, focussing time and energy on maintaining collaterals, records and paperwork for your core service offered drains away precious attention from the core competency area. In the longer event of time this is bound to affect the main business aspect of things and send the cashflow going for a toss. Real Estate is a physically intensive area of work and a lot of the main business revolves around prowess and enterprise in these areas. At DK Business Patron, our business intelligence understands the need to allow experts to focus on their skill sets and core competency areas in order for every business to grow.

DK Business Patron has been servicing major real estate and mortgage firms based out of USA, UK, Australia and Asia Pacific as their trusted offshore partner for some time now. Outsourcing drives performance and increases output of the overall process as well as reducing costs on fixed expenses substantially. At DK Business Patron, we are well acquainted to the working standards for real estate and mortgage firms in various geographies. Many of our clients will bear witness to the rich dividends they have reaped from our outsourcing services. The advantages of choosing DK Business Patron as your trusted outsourcing partner are laid down in a clear cut manner below


Premium Grade Added Services – By investing in DK Business Patron as your choice of outsourcing partner, you automatically unlock unlimited access to high grade quality added services such as premium billing services, invoice and inventory management and other administrative documenting options.

Cost Saving – With DK Business Patron you save big dollars from the very start with a much reduced fixed cost of operation and limited fluctuations in overheads.

Trained Staff – Our teams handling all processes are fully trained with excellent communication skills in spoken as well as written and are thorough professionals with proven subject matter expertise of different geographical demographics including USA and Europe.  

Latest Technology & Modern Infrastructure – DK Patron provides a strong foundation for the prosperous growth of any business process equipped with best technology and aided by team of expert trained professionals. Our working floor is the breeding ground for ideas and incubation space for guaranteed success.

Improves Overall Efficiency of Process – With the above implementations in place, there is bound to be a noticeable change in the output delivered in various laterals resulting in increased productivity in the core competency area.