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Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Services

The quality of the inbound call center of a company and the success of its customer service efforts are inextricably linked in the competitive world of today. Organizations need to make sure their inbound call center services are highly efficient. This helps them to respond efficiently and appropriately to customer queries / sales calls, feedback, surveys and other activities, which would lead to success in their sales and acquisition strategies and thus generate revenue. The challenges of maintaining an inbound call center make this impractical for many companies, including the costs of hiring specialized staff and infrastructure maintenance.

Partnership with an experienced inbound call center service outsourcing provider is an attractive way to guarantee the highest quality of customer service. DK Business Patron is a worldwide IT-BPO expert with experience, trained staff, resources and technology to ensure that your organization's inbound call center service exceeds expectations and results in the form of increased sales leads and improved customer relationships.

Our Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Services

  • Inbound Sales

  • Cross Selling and Up Selling

  • Sales Lead Qualification and Closure

  • Customer Support

  • Product recall management

  • Product Information Request Services

  • Claims Processing Services

  • Help Desk/Technical Support

  • Virtual Receptionist Services

  • IVR Service

  • Direct Mail /TV Response

  • Email Management Service

  • Charge back handling services

  • Warranty registration services

  • Payment collection services

  • Insurance claims processing services

Why Choose DK Business Patron for Inbound Call Center Services

DK Business Patron has more than 15 years of experience in providing quality inbound call center service and customer service to different companies and organisations.

We have experienced customer service professionals with the skills and expertise required for our inbound call center services. They have considerable experience in attending and satisfying customer and service calls.

Our call center use latest data and voice communication systems, supported by a dedicated internet connection, so that we can offer fast and efficient services 24/7.

We ensure that inbound call center staff are regularly trained and developed to ensure that they are always above par in communication skills, industry knowledge and customer service.

Customized inbound call center service packages are available according to the needs of your organization. We offer various payment programs based on your requirements.

We can provide inbound call center services to your company 24/7 throughout the year, so you can always be sure that calls from your customers are answered– even on weekends and holidays.

We live up to the best quality standards. Our Quality control team is responsible for tracking all our inbound call center operations and assuring that all operations meet industry standards.

We offer improved market coverage, marketing research facilities, web reporting, remote call monitoring and so on.

Our skilled services ensure that call drop rates are reduced and customer satisfaction is increased.

What Makes Us Stand Out