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Email Support Call Center Outsourcing Services

The continuous and uninterrupted communication with your customers is essential to the success of your relationship. E mail is currently one of the main means of non voice communication for companies. DK Business Patron, a leading IT- BPO, offers cost- effective email outsourcing services to companies and organizations for business, customer care and marketing. We have the resources, expertise and expert staff to provide our customers with e mail support services and empower their brand construction.

DK Business Patron offers a wide range of personalized email outsourcing services that help your company deliver cost effective customer service and drive efficient marketing efforts. Our experienced and qualified customer support staff can provide e mail support in different fields, such as:

Why Choose DKBP for Email Support Services

DK Business Patron offers personalized e mail support services to meet your business needs. Here are some reasons for strengthening our reputation as a reliable and reliable e mail customer service provider and technical support for outsourcing services:

DK Business Patron has more than 15 years of experience in providing proficient and trustworthy outsourcing services for different business functions, including e mail support/br>
We are active in a wide range of industries including retail, real estate, logistics, health care, software development, education and so on.

Outsourcing your e mail support services to us enables companies to focus on their core competencies. Some benefits include:

  • Better Connectivity

  • Efficient Brand Building

  • Better Customer Service

  • Quick Response

  • Quicker Order Fulfillment

  • Fast Customer Complaint Handling

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction

  • Enhanced Productivity

We have considerable expertise in e mail support and customer relationship management for our customers.

Efficient technical support for outsourcing services by e- mail: by outsourcing, you reduce the hiring and training burden and invest time and money in e mail management.

We offer scalable packages from pay per email to pay per project according to your requirements.

Depending on the time zone, you can also benefit from customized e mail support packages with different working hours and working days for the customer service staff.

We employ and train only qualified and eligible personnel who are suitable for the profession; we provide the appropriate training in customer care and technical support by e mail.

We have highly effective quality control and monitoring mechanisms in place; we use metrics to measure the effectiveness of our e mail technical support outsourcing services and are constantly striving to improve and enhance the quality of our services.

We develop customer- specific databases / resource banks for your particular business function, which help us to provide customers with domain- specific assistance efficiently. We would update this database on a regular basis based on changing standards or information concerning customer service problems.

What Makes Us Stand Out