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Debt Collection Call Center Outsourcing Services

Sometimes an unstable economic environment brings financial stress on a few customers, which leads to a growing debt situation. Consequently, they are delaying their payments and collecting outstanding bills; at the same time, companies are hard pressed to recover this debt in a timely manner. This can, unfortunately, lead to distraction from key business objectives and unnecessary waste of time and money.

Outsourcing debt collection is the way of improving business productivity by assuring that AR collections are successfully completed. By simplifying and developing the debt collection process, companies can lower the costs of bad debt, improve cash flow and return to profits. In the past 15 years, DK Business Patron, a leading outsourcing call center company, has frequently provided high- quality and efficient debt collection and recovery outsourcing services that can help you to arrange and handle this revenue generating streams.

Why Outsource Debt Collection to DK Business Patron

The debt collection experts of DK Business Patron call center undergo rigorous pre- processes, processes and on- the- job training to provide them with the skills to understand the customer's circumstances and to deal with the situation sensitively. Our well- established strategy to smooth debt collections ensures that both our clients and the customer are crucial, so that your brand's reputation is never negatively affected. Our smooth debt collection outsourcing services are perfect amongst others for the banking, financial and insurance (BFSI) and telecommunications industries. Benefits we provide to you:

  • Improved Liquidation Ratios

  • 40- 50% Reduction in Delinquency Rate

  • Data Entry Services

  • Personalized Packages

  • Increased Profit Margins

  • Improved Collections

  • Enhanced Focus on Fundamental Business Concerns as Resources

How Debt Collection Outsourcing Improves Your Cash Flow

Outsourcing DK Business Patron debt collection enables you save costs while increasing your profits. Our outsourcing services for debt collection include:

First and Late Stage Debt Collection: Our experts contact customers or debtors who have failed to pay and offer them debt restructuring options on behalf of your company.

Data Validation & Customer Tracking Services: Our experts can start tracking customers or debtors whose contact information has changed or who have failed for a long time.

Dispute management and resolution: Dispute management and resolution: Our debt collection center experts are instructed to maintain and settle disputes to ensure the best possible outcome for your company.

What Makes Us Stand Out