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Customer Retention Services

In today’s global economy, increasing numbers of businesses are placing more focus and energy on customer retention. Why is customer retention so important for your company's future success? Research has shown that it can cost 7 times more to educate and convert new customers than to retain existing customers.

It is a difficult task to build and maintain a loyal customer base. High- quality service and excellent customer support are essential for strong relationships and long- term loyalty.

Our experts understand the potential value of great customer care and can help your business with sound strategies to maximize retention. Our customer retention services are programmed to nourish and improve the existing customer relationships while saving time, resources and money for your business.

Importance of Customer Retention

The acquisition of new customers is the goal of any start- up, but it makes even better business sense to maintain and nurture old ones. A satisfied customer will return from year to year. Research continues to show that existing customers are more valuable than new. According to a Gartner Group report, only 20 percent of existing customers account for 80 percent of future business revenues.

How DKBP Benefits Your Business by Customer Retention Services

We have the newest call center technology to profit the operations of our customers. Our properly trained call center experts can communicate with your customers via phone calls, SMS, email or chat to ensure that your brand maintains and builds on its relationship with them long after the first purchase.

Enhanced Customer Retention :
Our personalized and devoted customer loyalty program management will help your company to retain and strengthen existing customers, which can lead to future sales.

Resource and Cost Saving :
Outsourcing the management of customer retention services can help you focus your resources on your core competences. The call center services of DKBP are also extremely cost- effective.

Complete Knowledge :
Customer retention program management tracking is performed regularly and reports are submitted to keep you fully in the process loop.

24/7 Support :
DK Business Patron provides 24/7 support to companies operating in multiple time zones.

What Makes Us Stand Out