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Customer Follow Up Service

For a innovative direct marketing campaign to succeed, a highly focused monitoring strategy is needed. Friendly and informative in terms of tonality, monitoring can be crucial for strong customer relations and sales. As part of our call center outsourcing capability, DK Business Patron offers expert customer follow- up services. By outsourcing customer service to us, you can improve the efficiency of your marketing and increase your brand value.

Using a multi- channel strategy, the call center of DK Business Patron can increase the return on your direct marketing campaign and cut costs per lead. Our experts are highly experienced in soft- selling strategies that help to promote long- term relationships with your customers and have a positive impact on your business.

How DKBP Increase Customer Satisfaction by Customer Follow-Up Services

The expertise of DKBP was based on 15 years of experience as a leading outsourcing company for call centres. For your customers, we can adopt a multi- channel monitoring approach to achieve the following results:

Providing Information : You can transfer additional knowledge about the product or service to the customer by phone calls, e- mail, live chat and SMS in advance of the sale or the end of the sale.

On Support : Customers can send queries via any channel they prefer, and these are answered promptly.

Providing Testimonials : The follow- up strategy could include examples of other customers who were satisfied with the product or service of their company, so that the customer feels satisfied with the decision to purchase.

Audit : As part of the follow- up tactic, you can obtain the viewpoint of the customer about the installation or performance of the product or service.

These and many other steps can create goodwill for your company, make your customers feel valued and inspire them to refer you to other prospects through word of mouth or social media.

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