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Customer Care

At DK Business Patron our Customers are the heart of every work we do and we focus on making our customers' lives easier and a little bit more fun. Together we create something special and we love doing it every day. While working on customer care, we are working with a team of highly skilled and specially trained agents, we train our team members in very professional way so that they respond to the customer's question in a timely manner and sometimes providing answers to the questions before they ask. We totally believe in Customer satisfaction, delight, and retention and try to find new methods to fulfill the Customer needs and problems.

Our Knowledge of best practices along with our deep exposure to local markets has made us capable of providing one of the leading, unmatched customer service providers which help us in getting several appreciations and good performance reviews of our clients and Customers. whether an individual or enterprises we make sure we provide world-class services to our customers & clients according to their needs.

How poor customer support can affect your business

• Your customer feels ignored when their complaints go unresolved.
• Your customer loses trust in your company when you don't answer them.
• Dissatisfied customers share complaints with other potential customers.
• You lose both existing and prospective customers.

Customer Care Services

There are various ways of improving your relationship with customers and they can all be successfully outsourced. The array of customer care services offered includes -
• Telemarketing/Telesales
• Customer Support
• Order Taking
• Customer Service
• Product Support
• Technical Support
• Collections
• Market Research

Why Outsource Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Services to DK Business Patron?

The fact that there needs to be an intense focus on customer care is indisputable. Acquiring new customers as well as keeping existing customers satisfied by anticipating their needs can only be done through good customer support.

Here are some valid reasons why you can depend upon DK Business Patron outsourcing services for ensuring a seamless, efficient, and productive inbound call center service:

• DK Business Patron has greater than 15 years' experience in providing high quality inbound call center service and customer care support to various businesses and organizations.

• We have experienced customer service professionals with the requisite skills and expertise hones our inbound call center services. They have considerable experience in attending to inbound customer and service calls and providing satisfaction.

• The latest data and voice communication systems are in place along with dedicated internet connectivity that facilitates efficient call reception and answering.

• We ensure regular training and development of inbound call center staff to ensure that they are always above par, with respect to communication skills, industry knowledge, and customer service.

• Customized inbound call center service packages available as per your organization's requirements. We offer different payment schemes based on your requirements.

• Uninterrupted 24 x7x 365 support available to all our clients; businesses can rest assured that their customers would receive immediate attention at all times. This helps in boosting customer retention, engagement, and customer loyalty.

• We adhere to the highest standards of quality. Our Quality Assurance team monitors all our inbound call center operations and ensures that all operations fulfill the industry norm.

• We provide enhanced market coverage, market-testing facilities, web reporting services, remote call monitoring etc.

• Our competent services ensure the reduction in the call abandonment rates and increased customer satisfaction.

Contact us for outsourcing customer care services and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.