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Customer Care Call Center Outsourcing Services

The provision of excellent customer service is a key factor in any organization's success. Efficient, quick and exceeding expectations, customer service ensures a satisfied, happy and loyal customer base and attracts positive feedback. DK Business Patron a leading customer care call center outsourcing service provider with more than 15 years of experience, enables customer relationship management efforts in your business by providing efficient customer services tailored to your needs.

Conclusive Customer Care Services for Your Business

The DK Business Patron customer service portfolio includes personalized customer service, after- sales support, revenue management and order processing services. With our comprehensive support for inbound and outbound call centres, email management, live chat and mobile SMS / text support, we meet all your customers ' needs and enhance your brand value by implementing your customer relationship management strategy and functioning as a seamless expansion of your business.

Why Choose DK Business Patron for Customer Care Services

DK Business Patron has over 15 years of experience in providing quality customer service to various companies and organizations.

We have experienced customer service experts with the skills and expertise required to honor our incoming call centre. You have considerable experience in attending and satisfying incoming customers and service calls.

The latest data and voice communication systems and dedicated Internet connectivity facilitate efficient reception and response.

We ensure that inbound call center staff are regularly trained and developed to ensure that they are always above par in communication skills, industry knowledge and customer service.

Customized inbound call center service packages are available according to the needs of your organization. We offer various payment programs based on your requirements.

24 x7x 365 uninterrupted support for all our customers; companies can be assured that their customers will always receive immediate attention. This helps to improve the retention, commitment and loyalty of the customers.

We adhere to the highest quality standards. Our Quality Assurance team is responsible for monitoring all our inbound call center operations and ensuring that all operations meet industry standards.

We offer improved market coverage, market testing facilities, web reporting, remote call monitoring and so on.

Our competent services ensure that call drop rates are reduced and customer satisfaction is increased.

What Makes Us Stand Out