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Call Center Security System

Outsourcing the operations of call centers to an external destination has become an extremely important business tactical weapon for organizations around the world. However, several organizations are concerned about outsourcing because they are concerned about the security of their customer data. At DK Business Patron, we have strong security and privacy policies that enhance the overall call center security system for our IT infrastructure against cybercrime threats.

In our call center security operations, we follow worldwide adopted practices that ensure that your data is safe with us. We actually help companies evaluate their existing security policies while outsourcing and checking for any vulnerability and helping them to develop robust security policies.

We understand the security needs of call centers that are critical to every high reliability business

Our security matrix for call centers consists of integrated solutions based on profound industry knowledge and tailored to your company's unique needs. Our comprehensive security call center systems integrate all security components and business systems in a reliable, cost- effective way.

As call center operations, there are portals for employees, knowledge management systems, e- mail and so on. All of these are probable vulnerabilities for a company. We support future generation business challenges with our call center security protocols. We also offer remote access to the assets of your company in a secure network that increases productivity and reduces operating costs.

We provide our customers with business- critical services while planning outsourcing partnerships that include:

Intelligently dealing potential security issues at the planning and contractual stage, including authentication, identification, authorisation, access control, privacy and integrity.

Monitoring the security implications of the outsourcing partnership during the contract life cycle involves several steps, including accountability, auditing, intrusion detection, non- repudiation and availability. Recognizing the methodological response through triage, recovery, reliability and implementation of the necessary corrective action.

Our Call Center Security System

In view of the increasing number of cyber crimes worldwide, it is of the utmost importance to address the security needs of the call centre. The call center security process today includes an integrated security architecture that is designed and deployed to meet complex safety requirements.

It is of paramount importance to design security solutions that meet regulatory compliance, as this can be proactively managed to maintain business reliability. With our comprehensive security solutions, we not only evaluate the physical infrastructure of our customers but also provide an integrated solution that meets the security requirements of the call centre.

We support our customers with a well- established security plan for call centers that includes:

  • Asset Identification & Valuation

  • Threat & Risk Assessment

  • Security Architecture

  • Security Policies

  • Security Tools

At DK Business Patron, we monitor and manage our security protocols proactively via incident management, security staff, security architecture review, penetration tests and vulnerability updates and patches.

Our well- established security call center infrastructure consists of:

  • Firewall Protection in standby mode

  • 3DES Secure VPN Communication Support

  • Virus prevention

  • Intelligent disaster recovery option for rapid recovery

  • Physical access controlled by biometric access control

  • VLAN based network (for different groups, processes, servers, etc.)

  • Spam filter for internet access & mail server

  • URL filtering application from surf control

  • Data access based on Layer 3 access lists for communication across VLANs

  • Restricted internet access at user level

  • Logging of internet access at user level

  • Storage via centralized servers

  • File system access based on user authentication

  • No email & internet access at Agent's desktops

  • Profile based desktop access, which allows access to only required minimum applications. No data storage access at local machines

DK Business Patron is implementing a robust safety management program that helps:

  • Minimize security attack downtime and thereby minimize business, company brand, customer loyalty, company intellectual property and employee productivity damage

  • Make real- time security incidents and crisis management decisions

  • Concentrate on business operations instead of incident recovery

  • Capture information to conduct security audits and compliance with regulations

  • Security Tools

We offer multi- vendor support for leading business safety and continuity products. Our cooperative approach means that we help you to design, select, implement and manage the right safety for your business needs while maintaining business agility and productivity for your employees.