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Call Center Infrastructure at DKBP

Our robust and modern infrastructure is the foundation of our entire call center process. Our organization complies with global standards for safety, safety and training of employees, protection against natural disasters and an excellent backup plan in the event of major power outages.

Our infrastructure includes:

  • A robust call center technology

  • FM200 system for fire prevention and protection

  • Telco grade data center

  • 100% visibility throughout our all processes

  • Various power backup levels

  • Equipped conference & training rooms

24 X7 Power Connectivity

We have made great provisions to provide 24/7 power connectivity services. We know that companies are hampered by a power failure and we have ensured that there are 3 energy sources if there is a long- term power outage. We have a generator that stores primary energy and is unsafe if a power outage occurs and if the generator fails, we have our UPS network centre. All our power devices are backed by a dual power supply and fed through independent power paths.

  • 3 levels of redundancy with primary source of power

  • 1500 KVA available

  • Facility Load up to 500KVA

  • Generator backup which offers onsite operation for 24 hour

  • UPS Network Center – 1x 60 KVA (Redundant)

  • UPS Overall – 4x 120KVA

Network Infrastructure

We have a three- tier network architecture in our call center infrastructure. We have a redundant L3 core design and through redundant connectivity the servers end up in the core. Redundant working group switches with the ability to collapse L3 into the core per floor. We have a network fabric with a physical redundancy at port level and 384 active ports per level.

Inbound Voice

We offer our inbound call center solution based on the Cisco Internet Contact Center (IPCC). The Cisco IPCC enables customers to contact via multiple media, such as telephone, web chat or e-mail.

Outbound Voice

The call center infrastructure of DK Business Patron has a distributed dialer architecture and is closely linked to the Cisco voice solution. Our predictive dialer has 2:1 pace and real- time management of list calls. This architecture also has DNC management and maintains low nuisance( pacing of individual agents, extent and cancelation dial).

Our Call Center Features

Advanced IVR creator based on XML with voice to voice recognition functionality. IT can be part of any application / database.

The built- in ACD acts as a system brain. It comes with advanced features such as routing skills, roaming agents, live barge, call forwarding, etc.

Default pop- up of the basic agent. Completely scripted, campaign- wise customizable CRM can be used to reschedule and replace calls.

Predictive, progressive and preview dialing modes, rules- based dialing with instantaneously applicable rules such as LIFO and FIFO, time zone- based dialing etc.

100% recording all calls, voice log files can be searched using different Meta tags & can be played remotely on a standard Internet connection in the browser itself.

Advanced real- time reporting, accessible from any corner of the globe over normal internals, with 60 + types of historical reports available as default.

  • Analysis based on smart tagging

  • Ability to mine data

  • Responsiveness for escalating customers

  • Magnificent tool for training and remediation

  • Monitoring and administering compliance

  • Monitor and manage the activity of agents