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Call Center Hiring at DK Business Patron

We have developed a meticulous hiring process at DK Business Patron to attract and keep the best available skills and talents. We are one of the few call center service providers in the country with extremely high retention rates for employees. This demonstrates our legitimacy in terms of strong and powerful HR policies, a desirable work environment and outstanding levels of job satisfaction. Our employees are thus extremely motivated to provide our clients around the universe with excellent services.

A candidate must go through our three- stage selection, screening and induction process to become a DK Business Patron member. Each stage represents different measuring levels through which we employ our employees carefully.

Candidates Selection Procedure

We receive many internal references from our trusted employees and from various other resources, such as our website career page, campus interviews, job fairs, advertisements on popular job search portals, social media, email, etc. Here we select the best lot and interview schedule.

Candidates Secreening Procedure

Potential employees must undergo a thorough screening process in which our HR managers closely evaluate the background, history, and qualifications of the candidate. The first level of screening is carried out by a group discussion to check their communication skills, fluency, emphasis, pitch and confidence. The second level of screening is carried out by testing their writing and analytical abilities. The third level of screening is done by examining their composure during tight situations, making the effort and their abilities as a team member will give us results that will help us to hire them and assign roles that best suit them.

Induction Program

After our screening process, every employee must go through our detailed induction program to learn about the vision and mission of the company, the services we provide and our strict data security and privacy policies. Before beginning their journey at Invensis Technologies, employees will receive pre- process training that is relevant to their job. We at DK Business Patron don't leave any stone unturned in our recruitment process and we only recruit the best. With an uncompromising hiring process, we are committed to providing our customers throughout the world with unparalleled customer service.