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What Are the Advantages of Telemarketing?

What Are the Advantages of Telemarketing?

What Are the Advantages of Telemarketing?

Is telemarketing something you're looking at to boost your business growth? If so, you may find yourself wondering what its advantages are. Telemarketing presents a range of benefits which will give you an edge across your business.

The following list will help you decide whether telemarketing is right for your business.

Cost-Effective Marketing
Using a telemarketing firm is often cost-effective for SME's without a sales team. Campaigns may be small initially. Fast completion will help you gauge if telemarketing suits your business style.

Many telemarketing firms offer pay-per-appointment/ lead pricing structure. This allows clients to control costs and provide a clear indication of the campaign's outcome. Other companies offer a money-back guarantee if target conversions are not reached. This provides reassurance to clients and guarantees a minimum ROI.

Immediate Feedback on Products/ Services
Telemarketing means you can gauge interest in your product or service. You will also gain valuable feedback from your target market. As a result, you can respond quickly to customer needs, giving you the edge over your competitors.

Enhanced customer service differentiates you from your competitors. Consumers remain loyal to companies that understand their needs. With telemarketing, you can build rapport with your customers and provide a personal service. This way you can cater specifically to their requirements.

Increased Efficiency
You will see call rates increase hugely when using a telemarketing firm. This increases the efficiency of your marketing efforts and boosts sales. If desired, you can take this a step further by extending your business reach. Make contact with potential customers around the world to expand your business.

A whole team of telemarketers can work on your campaign on your behalf. This would be very difficult to achieve through other marketing methods. This reduces the cost of in-person sales visits, saving money and time. You can, therefore, allocate these to other core areas of your business.

Generation of a Brand New Customer Base
Lead generation and appointment setting are key to telemarketing services. These quickly build new customer/ client bases. Your workforce can therefore concentrate on closing sales and retaining new customers. This will help in growing your business in a manageable way.

Over-trading is ever-present for SMEs. You can reduce this threat by using scalable telemarketing campaigns which control service uptake or product purchase.

Arranging appointments with key executives and decision makers is not an issue. Impressing them is key! A lot of people struggle with cold-calling so they outsource this to trained telemarketers instead. This method reduces some of the stress linked to attracting new clients.

Sell To Existing and New Customers
Existing customers may not have bought your products or services for some time. Persuasive telemarketing methods and special offers can 'reactivate' these. In order to engage them, you must understand why they haven't used your products/ services consistently. This is instantly achievable with telemarketing.

Current customers are likely to respond well to a gentle reminder of your existence. They may play a significant part in boosting overall sales growth. By looking into their needs, you can build a more fruitful relationship. Social media marketing and telemarketing will help support this.

Building Brand Awareness

Reaching the voicemail of potential clients is a common occurrence. People will hopefully listen to enough of the message and will hear your business name. This way, they can remember it for future purposes.

Also, there is the Marketing ‘Rule of Seven.’ This states that consumers must hear about new products/ services at least seven times before they are ready to purchase. Telemarketing helps contribute to this number.

Expertise of Trained, Experienced Telemarketers
Cold calling is not everyone’s forte. Using the knowledge and expertise of a trained telemarketing team allows you to focus on your own strengths. What's more, the professionals will approach your target audience in a suitable fashion. They know how to convert customers. Their skills and experience should reassure you!
Instead, you can concentrate on improving customer service, developing new products, or simply fulfilling orders and answering queries.

Measurable Results

One of the biggest telemarketing advantages concerns campaign results. You can analyze, report and measure these to provide a detailed picture of the campaign's success. You can also establish which methods are most effective. Does a pre-scripted speech or a more conversational style work best with your target audience?

You can use this valuable information to increase success rates for future campaigns. Business owners can decide whether to include telemarketing in their strategic growth plans.

As you can see from the advantages listed above, telemarketing is a measurable, efficient and flexible way to market your business. It puts your name in front of a tightly defined target audience who potentially need your products/ services.

A well-executed telemarketing campaign can significantly boost your business profile. Your turnover and bottom line will increase as a result.

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