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Top Trending Technologies for Small Business in 2019

Top Trending Technologies for Small Business in 2019

Top Trending Technologies for Small Business in 2019

With the infusion of the web into the whole thing fathomable, we are today living in a world of extraordinary technological innovations. A whole new dimension has come into being. Cloud computing, digital communications, machines speak me to one another, and the astounding wide variety of the net-based technology we've got nowadays, have simply made our lives easier, and plenty one of a kind.

In reality, every other day one hears of an innovation this is so path-breaking that it can trade the sector. Technology has permeated into every issue of our lives and has already dramatically altered the manner we work.

How Can Technology Help Small Businesses?

The variety of small enterprises which can be incorporating technology to boost performance, improve performance, keep a tab on expenditure, increase revenues, and drive revenue, is developing by way of the day. In line with a market have a look at performed recently, over 1/4 of tiny businesses cross-check technology as a valuable tool that helps them improve results.

However, technology may be a fickle friend, due to the speedy pace at that it changes; the business owner, United Nations agency has many responsibilities associated with the daily running of the business, currently conjointly should carry on with the technological advancements. However, the benefits offered square measure way too several, for any business owner to ignore them.

Data Security  
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Big or small, any business must be terribly careful regarding the information it collects from customers and in fact, its own knowledge - sales, purchases, worker data, and so on. Thinking that hackers area unit solely fascinated by breaching knowledge of massive corporations is, unfortunately, wrong. Hackers explore for vulnerable sites - ones with poor security, just because it's a simple job. Today, over five-hundredths of small and medium businesses globally use knowledge security technology to block hackers and defend themselves from cyber-attacks.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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Most of the business house owners surveyed understood the importance of employing a smart CRM resolution, although solely regarding 1/2them were victimisation this technology. Employing a client relationship management resolution helps the business owner to grasp and understand their customers better, sanctioning them to produce better services and an enhanced customer experience. They'll develop additional economical promoting ways supported client preferences and behaviors. Having a centralized repository of all info associated with your customers saves you time and boosts your potency.

HR Software

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Imposing HR software program for your small enterprise will let you with the executive capabilities, and assist you to hold a track of all your employee information seamlessly and efficaciously. Tracking their attendance, leaves, overall performance, schooling, and so on will become remarkable clean, permitting you to make informed selections concerning pay raises and promotions. Certainly, you can recognize all of them individually, however, nevertheless, as humans we have a tendency to overlook things. With the proper software in a region, but you may make sure that you've got each bit of data which you want.


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Although you can sense that as a small commercial enterprise, you do not want to have a website, or if you have one, you do not want to worry about enhancing or upgrading it, it's usually an amazing idea to have one. Increasingly people search online to locate products and services they need, and that includes the older generation too.

To stay relevant to this, having a website allows. Offer precious statistics to traffic, but don't weigh down them; and maintain it easy, in order that your possibilities of converting the one's site visitors to customers are better. Your website allows you to promote services and products online, increase footfalls for your actual keep, or each.


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That is something that you simply can't ignore anymore. Wherever you cross inside the world, you locate people glued to their Smartphones; increasingly more human beings are surfing and buying via their mobile gadgets, and it'd not be a clever pass to not go mobile.

Right here we are speaking about matters: websites, and mobile apps. Sure, you have already got a website, however, is it responsive? Does the internet site offer an equal experience for your clients on a small screen that it gives for a desktop computer?

Additionally, engines,
like Google praise responsive sites, pushing them higher within the search effects - increasing the probabilities of your website, is located. With increasingly more customers installing apps on their phones to make purchases, you may be missing out on more business without a cellular app.

Cloud Computing

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Some small commercial enterprise proprietors might imagine that cloud computing is out in their league, or virtually no longer wished for his or her operations. Adequate, you began small, however do you need to remain so for all time? certainly not! Any business ambitions at developing and increasing; for this you need technology a good way to make your organization scalable and agile - and cloud computing can assist.

By way of disposing of high-priced software and hardware like servers, cloud computing reduces expenses, gives flexibility, and helps enhance efficiency - sooner or later permitting businesses to supply improved purchaser reviews.


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No, it is not outdated; email advertising still works - whether you are a small business or a large multinational employer. Email can be used to inform your clients of unique gives, new products, send personalised greetings, or actually, provide treasured statistics. Whilst performed the proper way, email permit you to get extra customers, and preserve your existing ones, as well as build your emblem.

Innovative Payment Methods

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If you're offering the option of online shopping, you will obviously need to allow your customers innovative payment methods, and not just cash-on-delivery. You may need to tie up with secure payment gateways so that people can pay with their debit or credit cards, internet banking, or e-wallets. The more convenience you offer to your customers, the happier they will be.


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Artificial intelligence can be used by businesses in several ways, to help serve customers better, and make their journey interesting. Small businesses can use AI to set dynamic pricing, so that customers can get a surprise, instant discounts on certain products, through coupons and alerts sent to them at the most relevant time and place. You can also deploy AI-powered chatbots on your website, allowing customers to seek solutions to their queries 24/7, 365 days a year. By automating these tasks you can free your precious human resources, and divert them to more critical tasks.

VR and AR

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It may seem a little far-fetched, but virtual reality and augmented reality, both have applications that go well beyond gaming. They can be used to have meetings and conferences without the physical presence of all those who need to attend. You can also use it to help customers see how a product will look from all angles - say, by flipping a shoe all the way around. Ikea is already using AR to help customers visualize how a certain piece of furniture will look in their homes.


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