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How A Telemarketing Service Can Boost Your Business?

How A Telemarketing Service Can Boost Your Business?

How A Telemarketing Service Can Boost Your Business?

Are you not getting the desired result even after investing a lot on your marketing budget?

Are you not getting the sufficient number of leads from your telesales partner?

Are you not able to expand your business at your expected rate?

Well! Well! Well! There is an easy solution for all the above mentioned business issues and the solution is Telemarketing Services. Most of the times business owners got confused between telemarketing and telesales. These are partly similar, but telemarketing covers a wider range of the business marketing spectrum while telesales marketing is largely limited to making random calls to people on the other end of the telephone, telemarketing is much more researched and professional approach to the whole affair.
What to choose: In-house or Outsourced Telemarketing Services?
Outsourcing B2B and B2C telemarketing services to a professional company would be the best solution. If call center services are not a part of your core offerings, then setting up the telemarketing services in India would be without any future business prospects. Any fresh caller can get the role of a telesales caller but only the best and most experienced expert. So, the cost burden for initial level hirings would be high. Apart from that, there are many other set-up costs associated with starting a team of telemarketing experts. This is why it is a wise decision to outsource the tasks to any of the reputed or upcoming telemarketing agencies in India.
As per a recent USA survey to judge the effectiveness of telemarketing services, it is claimed that 60% of the respondents were happy to receive telemarketing calls over the cold calls made by the telesales services. It’s felt that companies that engaged only in telesales ended up annoying their perspective and present customers. Apart from this, there are many other reasons to opt for the telemarketing services in India:

1. Direct Marketing
In this era, television commercials have a chance of going away before they can captivate the audiences. Newspaper ads can go unnoticed, digital ads are often seen as unwanted stuff and social media ads hardly get the desired impact. So, the best way to reach out to the prospects is to get personally in touch with them. The professionals working in telemarketing companies can do this with great success. They not only connect but convert the inquisitive queries into leads.

2. Generating Revenue
A recent survey stated that more than 55% of respondents found cold telesales calls very annoying. They found that these calls did not meet their end expectations. While only 5% of respondents from the same survey, found telemarketing calls unwanted. The sheer results of this survey show the revenue generation scopes of telemarketing services in India. When the calls made by an experienced professional solve a specific problem which the customer is seeking, it will significantly increase your sales prospects.

3. Business Expansion
Telemarketing calls can not only work when you are a startup trying to proliferate your business. It can also fetch great results when you are looking to expand your business into a new geography. With such services, you can venture into new markets and convey to the prospects how your services or products can change their lives.

4. Reaching Goals
As a business owner, you remain in control of the telemarketing campaigns. You have to set certain goals for the telemarketing service providers in India; you have decided to partner with. It then becomes the responsibility of the agencies to achieve them and furnish them to you in their reports.

5. Customer Interaction
Successful business models drive huge revenues from referral sales achieved through the brand evangelists. If you have to achieve a high number of brand evangelists, then you have to interact with the existing customers and keep them happy. Their problems should be met quickly and effectively, their suggestions should be implemented in future business plans. All this can be achieved with the help of effective B2B and B2C telemarketing services.

If you still not yielded the telemarketing benefits even after pairing with reputed telemarketing agencies, then join DK Business Patron and feel the change

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