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Best Blogging Tips for Bloggers in 2019

Best Blogging Tips for Bloggers in 2019

Best Blogging Tips for Bloggers in 2019

Almost millions of blogs are written over the world, and 47% of customers read 3 to 5 blog posts earlier than making any buy or deal. These stats have shown us genuinely that blogging is the handiest way to boom visitors to any internet site and convert the traffic into leads.

However to stand out and rank high on google search, you 
should recognize and keep the accuracy of your blog content. Do you know why most of the bloggers fail to get visitors?

Most obvious reasons why new bloggers fail?

• Wrong blogging mindset

• Wrong content strategy

• Wrong promotion strategy or bad execution

• Wrong SEO strategy

• Lacking in other blogging sections such as email marketing or monetization

In this article, we're going to share some high-quality blogging suggestions for 2019 because we don’t need you to make any blog errors in 2019 and break all your efforts. However, before you begin your blogging simply keep in your mind that blogging takes time to get the result. You'll no longer get lots of readers in your blog in just someday; it might take at the least six months to get visitors to your blog.
Let’s find out what you can do together with your blog in 2019 –


1. Get inspired but don’t copy other’s content material

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There are many new bloggers who want to earn money instantly but they are no longer aware of the time period plagiarism and copyright content. They just start writing on a subject and after 2-3 paragraphs they run out of content. And to finish the blog, they copy the content from other’s blog and paste it on their content that is completely incorrect. Via doing so, you may no longer just lose your website authenticity but also SEO techniques.
Particularly in 2019 copying content material from others is a large offense for Google and other search engines like google and yahoo; you might stop the entirety before beginning your blog. Website with copied content will both get penalized or it will in no way get better rank in any seek engine.
Well, you may copy a few lines from others by means of acknowledging them well on your content. To acknowledge others content material use terms as – “consistent with” and “the supply from” for the website from where you are copying the content material. You can get inspired by using others but it doesn’t suggest that you could reproduction the whole content, just take the idea and write it to your own style.

2. Be yourself while writing

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Blog writing is not an easy activity due to the fact you may simply write it down whatever comes in your mind. Especially in 2019, you should understand a way to execute your words to preserve the reader’s attention until the end. And, to create a completely unique blog content, you have to be original first and don’t attempt to reproduction other’s writing fashion. As copying others writing style will not help you to connect with your readers, they may find your content fake.
Don’t neglect that you are constructing your logo name via your blog best and it desires to be unique. Therefore, always hold a conversational writing fashion as you communicate and want to tell the readers.


3. Be interesting to make engagement

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No matter how good content you have been writing and how valuable content you have been providing to your readers, but still you are not getting enough traffic for your website. Well, never forget that there are millions of choices for your readers and if you want your readers to visit your blog often then you must connect to your readers by making it interesting.

Nobody wants to read boring content, so be careful about the topic you have chosen and make sure that it will be enticing and useful for the readers. Try to use “you” and “me” in your articles to build a connection with the readers and keep your writing simple. To make your content more interesting do thorough research and provide data as much you can. By providing data, you would gain the trust of your readers.

Moreover, sharing your own experience and case studies related to the topic can make your content more interesting.


4. Use on-page SEO while writing an article

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On-web page search engine optimization could be very essential for running a blog because it performs a primary position to rank your website at the top and it is also referred to as search engine optimization article. To rank your internet site at the pinnacle, you should create a search engine optimization pleasant article or blog handiest. whilst you create keyword rich content material on your internet site then you are doing on-page SEO.

To do on-page search engine optimization effectively, you have to use the right keywords which have the best search quantity and coffee competition. as a result, you want to focus on your chosen key phrases and vicinity them perfectly in your content material if you want to help your weblog to rank #1 in Google in 2019. one of the most vital practices of on-web page SEO for 2019 is that consist of your centered or predominant keyword for your article or blog heading to rank at the pinnacle of all search engines.

long tail keywords are also fantastic for brief SEO consequences because those are lengthy search queries and are worthwhile to goal a mass target audience. these key phrases have low opposition and if you may use it nicely, it may be useful for you to goal numerous small key phrases collectively despite the fact that focused on a long tail keyword. therefore, try and use long tail key phrases as a whole lot you can to your content material.


5. Use simple language with no grammatical or spelling mistake

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Many bloggers suppose that writing content material with heavy or fancy words and proverbs within the article will make their blog appear like written with the aid of an expert creator. Properly, it is not authentic because complicated sentences make the thing less understandable through non-native English speakers. The simple English language is the nice to hold the reader’s hobby until the give up because they will understand speedy something you want to mention. If your reader is taking 1 minute to study a sentence and any other 2 mins to understand what you've got written then they would favor transferring to some other website.
Accurate grammar and spelling play a primary function on your content because through your writing style most effective your reader will go to your website once more. The grammar and spelling errors would depart a totally bad impact and they could assume you as an amateur writer. So, avoid grammatical and spelling errors while writing and if you aren't positive then you can use grammar checker tools like Grammarly for mistakes-free writing.


6. Write in-depth long content

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Lengthy in-depth content is useful for both SEO ranking and grabbing reader’s hobby as well. Via search engine optimization attitude, its miles are taken into consideration that above 2000 words content material has better chances to rank on the top on Google seek. While then again, lengthy intensity content gives the target audience a greater clear understanding and information. The target audience could sense extra linked with your blog even as reading and it's going to provide you with a threat to convert the ones readers into your customers.
And, it's also authentic that Google doesn’t recognize quick content anymore because in-depth long content material gives each element to the readers and it won’t let readers look for other information. Hence, write in-depth long content as much you can and take the advantage of it.


7. Use relevant images

Blogs without images look very dull and lose reader’s interest, regardless of how informative your blog is. As in step with the latest survey, it has been taken into consideration that blog with images have 94% greater general perspectives and attracts reader’s interest right away. Doesn’t matter what type of images you are using, but images always entice people and develop an interest to read more.

By adding images to your blog, it becomes clean for the readers to understand and memorize the idea. Don’t use irrelevant images, find applicable pics and use minimum 4-5 images in 1000 words blog.



Around 53% of marketers in India accept as true with that blogging is the simplest way to increase the internet site traffic. Therefore, blogging has become the top inbound marketing priority as it doesn’t need huge investment and help you to increase your website traffic.
Usually, follow a right blog shape with relevant facts and images to make it interesting for the readers. Don’t forget that you are writing for your readers, so pay extra attention on what your audience wants to read and what you want to inform them via your blog.
Hope, this article will assist you to grow your internet site visitors in 2019 through running a blog. Just keep these beginners blogging tips for 2019 on your mind and implement it precisely while writing.

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