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Pros and cons of Outsourced Call Center

Pros and cons of Outsourced Call Center

Published on May 12, 2020

Outsourcingis a strategic business tool to outsource back-end business process to a third-party vendor. It may be a service provider or a dedicated outsourcing company. It significantly helps business to utilize their resources, from money to manpower in the most optimistic manner.

What is Call Centre Outsourcing?

Call center outsourcing is one of the most outsourced processes around the world. It involves outbound and inbound call management by an outsourced call center company. Even the industry leaders like Amazon and Walmart take the help of outsourcing companies to manage their customer care call, live chat & email support services. Outsource call center provides a variety of solutions starting from customer service, sales, marketing, lead generation, and many more specific solutions as per the client's need. BPO Call Centers gained popularity among industries due to its cost-effectiveness and staffing features. Many firms have experienced reduced workload and high satisfaction by outsourcing call center operations.

Despite having such beneficial attributes, there is a restrain among a considerable audience for outsourcing. They still prefer to work internally by using their own resources. This explains that outsourcing is only preferable for a specific business type and it has its own limitations as well. Therefore, call center outsourcing is not an easy task, it needs to be operated with high importance and focus to run it successfully for your business.

What is Call Center Offshoring?

Call center offshoringis a similar concept as outsourcing but it represents a much wider approach. BPO call center that is situated outside the business operating country is called an offshore call center. They perform similar work of outsourcing but operates from a different nation. The process of outsourcing to such an offshore call center is known as call center offshoring.

These offshore companies act as an external service provider and manage all the activities which you've outsourced to them. This type of outsourcing is required by a business that operates globally. To serve customers of different countries, it is better if they are handled by the people of their own nation who can speak the native language and assist people much effectively.

The offshore call center service provider manages the hiring of employees, training them as per your business model, and maintaining call operations of your business. They keep their services upgraded with the latest technology and software necessary for uninterrupted call flow. They also have rich infrastructural facilities to manage multiple processes so every process can have it's own dedicated space.


Pros and cons of Outsourced Call Center

In this Blog, you will find the pros and cons of outsourcing call center services to India. This Advantage and Disadvantages of Call Center Outsouring helps you to determine whether opt for outsourcing or not. Have a look.

Pros of Call Center Offshoring Outsourcing

  • Cost-efficient

Offshore outsourcing can save a significant amount of money which can be utilized in core business operations. The cost of setting up all the resources, manpower, infrastructure, and cost of running the call center is very expensive. Whereas, offshore outsourcing call centers levy one time fees which are cheaper than an internal setup.

  • Simplified Staffing

Once the services are outsourced, it becomes the sole responsibility of the service provider to arrange or staffing and recruitment of workforce. They hire agents and executives with the help of their recruitment team and train them accordingly. Personnel hired are professional and they work with great efforts. This eliminates staffing issues within the business.

  • Smooth Handling of High Call Volume

During peak season of business, customers reach out in high volume with queries and issues with your product or service. During such times, offshore BPO companies easily deal with the high volume by doubling their efforts. They offer incentives to employees that motivates them to constantly work towards satisfying each and every customer. This results in maximum customer satisfaction and leaves you with a strong customer base.

  • 24*7 Operations

Outsourcing company enables people to connect with your business at any time. Customers are the lifeline of business, they might want to connect with you according to their preferred time so someone must be always present to address customer's issues. Call centers align employees in the day and night shift so the customer can get in touch with you anytime. This also enhances the customer's experience with your business.

  • Uninterrupted service with high quality

Outsource Call Centers continuously work to deliver 100% uptime for your business. They keep their technical equipment upgraded and maintain them regularly to reduce the load on them. Service providers also have secondary backup systems that ensure connectivity even in downtime or during the maintenance period. This helps in the continuous workflow without sacrificing customer's experience.

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Cons of Call Center Offshoring

  • Lack of Process Knowledge

Sometimes the outsourcing company may not get the exact idea of your business operations. Because of this, they might not be able to deliver performance as per your company’s standard, which could impact your business in a negative way. Even the call center agents won't work with dedication until they are 100% familiar with your work culture and ethics.

  • Hinder your Security

Outsourced Call Center Company hire agents as per their background check process. There are chances that any notorious agent in the offshore company may lay hands on the confidential information of your business and misuse it to either benefit from it or defame your business. This can result in the downfall of your business.

  • Finding a Trusted Company

Outsourcing industry is large and is growing rapidly. Therefore, it is very hard to contract with a genuine offshore call center that will perform as per your expectations. If you contract with a phony company, it will result in a huge loss of money and time. Moreover, it will impact your customer base as you will have to shut down your services until you find a trustworthy service provider.

  • Reduced Control Over the Business Operation

Process that are outsourced are operated from overseas, and the BPO Company in Delhi handle the operations. This eliminates your control level and facilitates more reliability on the third party, which can be harmful to your business. All you get is the analytical data but the real picture might be different.

  • Hidden Cost Factor

Call center offshoring requires a professional legal team to contract with the outsourcing company as per international laws, which incurs high cost. Moreover, customers and employees who are lost need to be re-acquired, which again cost the business a lot of extra money.


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