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Difference between Inbound and Outbound Call Center

Difference between Inbound and Outbound Call Center

Published on Aug 25, 2020

Outsourcing call centers in India by the majority of companies and brands are the trend that is rising fast. The reasons may be the sale increase by getting new customers and professionally retaining existing customers by the customer care centers in India.

What Is an Inbound Call Center?

An inbound call center deals with incoming calls in general. That means that customers or potential customers are calling you rather than you are phoning them. Customers call into these types of call centers when they need help, assistance, or guidance with the product or service they specialized in. Inbound call centers focus on answering questions and resolving customers' queries, doubts, and concerns.

What Is an Outbound Call Center?

An outbound call center is the opposite of an inbound call center, In action, the outbound type makes more calls and in comparison receives less. The reason behind this is for sales and advertising.

When agents are making phone calls out of the call center, they’re focused on the customers or potential customers that they’d like to get in touch with. 

Differences between Inbound and Outbound Call Centers-

The main difference between an inbound and outbound call center is how a majority of the calls take place. If the majority of your calls are outbound, you’re probably considered an outbound call center which is trying to make sales. 

Inbound call centers are mainly addressing customer concerns in an attempt to build loyalty and to retain customers by providing them proper guidance or solution to their query/ problem.

Four Different Types of Inbound Call Centers-

1) Customer service: This is the most well-known understanding of call centers. If you have a problem related to service, technology, or sales, you'll find yourself talking to a customer service agent. Any queries you have to get directed to this call center.

This is when a current customer calls with a query or concern. These calls include may include:

  • Returns
  • Quality issues
  • Customer feedback
  • Payments issues
  • Updating details
  • Questions about policies etc

2) Tech support: Tech support call centers are designed to answer questions and solve problems related to technological errors or mistakes. You want to contact a tech support call center to figure out just what went wrong and where if your product or service is technically operated for example your TV or printer isn’t working.

3) Help desk: Help desk centers answer general queries relating to the company and its brand. They can provide customers with information regarding products and services available, materials used and can ensure you get to the person you need to be speaking to if they are unable to help.

4) Inbound sales: Marketing call centers often handle inbound sales calls as a separate platform of accepting orders and payments. When you see an infomercial, the number listed at the bottom of your TV connects to an inbound sales call center where someone will take your address and payment information.

Inbound call center receives calls from mostly prospective buyers who are looking for more information and it’s called an "inbound sales" call. Talented staff can capitalize on the opportunity. Tact and salesmanship are the main keys here, and presenting a polite and welcoming face for the company can turn a lead into a potential customer into a buyer.

Some call centers in India devoted specifically to inbound sales, rather than combining several types of calls because they are staffed specifically with sales in mind.

The Outbound Call Center Services may include the following:

1) Setting appointments– As the words suggest, it has nothing do to with sales or service directly. But this may generate or lead towards potential customers. Many call centers ask for the appointments from their potential buyers to show or brief them the details of their service or products.

2) Telemarketing– Inbound Telemarketing & Outbound Telemarketing is often confused with telesales. The main difference is that telemarketing is more concerned with generating interest in the product or service and gathering information about individuals that sales agents make follow-up calls to. The greater part of telemarketing consists of lead generation and appointment setting.

3) Telesales- Telesales benefits from telemarketing since telesales agents call the leads generated by the telemarketers. They present the details of service or product to the potential customers during the call and close the deal with them.

4) Lead generation-Outbound Lead Generation in USA generally refers to sending messages or calling to your target audienceirrespective of whether your customers have asked for it or showed an interest. In this process, the call center agent will be the one deciding the time and way of interaction. 

5) Market research and other services- These calls are those in which people are called and ask about particular products or services or maybe comparisons between the few. These outbound calls may be done to the random people or the current customers. These calls are made to collect ideas from customers or people so that accordingly the company can maximize sales and customer satisfaction.

Do You Need an Inbound or Outbound Call Center Service:

It all depends upon the performance and challenges of your company. Outsourcing inbound or outbound callcenter in USA can help you depends upon what your team is struggling to handle. If you cannot handle customer issues properly then you could probably use the help of an inbound call center

If your team is having difficulty following up on a long list of leads, then an outbound call center might serve your business best.

Whether you need a customer service team or some sales masters who can get the word out about your incredible product or service, Outsourcing the right call center can make a world of difference.