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7 Key Benefits of Using Email and Chat Support Services for Your Business

7 Key Benefits of Using Email and Chat Support Services for Your Business

Published on Jul 22, 2020

With the introduction of the Internet, a big wave of change hit the world and it has completely transformed the way business operates. Back in the days, every process of business was managed by calls or personal visits made by the company's agent, whether it was sales, marketing, customer service, or any other process.

But today the scenario is different and more inclined towards a textual based toollike chat and email services. The sole reason for this change is the ease of use it offers, your customer can connect with you through chat and email while sitting anywhere around the world.In fact, as per the statistics report, 42% of customers prefer to use chat and email services over other channels. You can either have your self-owned chat support process or you can utilize outsourcing solutions for outsourced chat support service.

7 Key Benefits of Using Email and Chat Support Services for Your Business

There is not one, but several advantages of having chat and email services for your business. It breaks through the stereotypes of phone call that has its quirks like waiting online to connect with the agent, restricted to one customer per call, requires active mobile carrier services with a good network, etc.. With email and chat support, all these quirks just disappear as it can operate 24×7 around the clock without any restriction, all you need is an internet connection and a device.

Let's check out 7 key benefits of using email and chat services for your business:

1) Live chat and email operate 24×7

One of the best attributes of chat support service is the all-time availability. You can stretch your services around the clock and break the barrier of time zones by being present 24×7 and 365 days a year. Customers can easily connect at any hour of the day which gives them an uninterrupted experience with your business.

It also increases customer engagement with your business because they can access any services at any time. From the business point of view, you will be able to stay in touch with the customers while delivering services and no customer is left unattended to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

2) Chat support increases conversion rate

An outsourcing company can help you to generate lead from live chatand email. They attract an interested audience and turn them into potential customers of the business using chat support services. Conversion is achieved through monitoring the activity on-site and reaching to the wilful customers using email support service to introduce them to your products and services in a descriptive way.

When customers contact from their end on the live chat, the assisting agent proactively connects them to the sales team through a live call to seal the deal effectively.

3) Live chat is interactive and attracts customers

When a customer sees those little live chat boxes, they get keen to interact with it because of the graphics and attractive display. Many Business Process Outsourcing companies also design and develop chat boxes for their clients that are attractive and fit perfectly on the webpage.

Customers love to navigate with the chat support service, instead of figuring things out by themselves, they use live chat to get real-time assistance without putting much effort. You will notice an increase in site traffic once you start using chat support services.

4) Keeps you ahead of the competition

Many businesses have adapted the live chat tool but still, only 15% of companies use chat support service. This implies that the majorityof business owners are still unaware of the tool or underestimate the perks of it. Irrespective of the reason, any person missing on such a functional tool is losing customers at some point, while the one having chart support service comes out as a winner.

This means that you will always stay ahead of your competition and gain more customers with the help of an outsourced chat support service.

5) Adds functionality to your website

Initially, websites were designed to just provide information or publish a blog, but that was in the past when people didn't take websites seriously. In modern time, people are attracted towards the website and want more functions, which means people love to navigate or surf across the website more than before. Having a chat support service on your website will increase its functionality.Customers will spend more time on the website using the live chat feature and will end up becoming a regular user of your website.

6) Chat support carves out the trending pattern

Live chat is a technology more or less, you can analyze it, watch customer’s responses, study the data, etc., this can be used as a plus point for your business. Live chat support companies can store the data entered in chat and process it to study the pattern. The result is very helpful from a business point of view.

You can see what customers like more or what issues they face the most, this will help you set the bar to improve your services. In simpler words, the outsourced chat support service also works as an analytical tool.

7) Email and chat support brings in profit

Business marketing and sales tool requires a great deal of money but may still fail to deliver desired results. It can be a total waste of money, on the other hand, chat and email services are cheap but deliver effective results. An outsourcing company can help you to derive the most from chat support services, from lead generation to customer service to sales marketing, it is multitasking.

You can derive profit from multiple business channels with the help of live chat and email. It gives you a higher marginal profit per customer, that too at a very low price in comparison to other tools.


Chat and email services are highly functional, they can lighta fire of growth in your business. You can outsource it to an outsourcing company in India, where the resources are easily available at cheap price or you can take the help of live chat service providers, at your own cost to get live chat and email support for your business.